Makeup Brush Cleaner

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  • UPGRADED 2018 DESIGN: The new 2018 model is now equipped with a more powerful and long-lasting motor. It is now possible to fully clean and dry your brushes Removing all leftover makeup and oils, as well as helping to remove bacteria on the brushes. All in only 30 seconds!Origin: China
  • MONEY AND TIME SAVING: you will never have to buy makeup brushes or wait 24 hours for your brushes to dry because it takes 3 simple and easy steps to clean your brushes in 30 seconds. 1) Attach the brush to the spinner using one of our eight adapters included. 2) Pour water and antibacterial soap into the mixing bowl. 3) dip and spin the brush for 10 seconds. Above the solution and spin for 20 seconds. Your brushes are now ready for use.
  • CLEANS ALL BRANDS AND SIZES MAKEUP BRUSHES: We have included 8 different sized adapters allowing you to clean all brands and sizes brushes fast and easily.
  • SAFE DURABLE AND PORTABLE: the mixing bowl has a removable splash guard ring which makes for splash free mixing and can be removed to make cleaning easy. The mixing bowl is made of High quality materials, Which is waterproof, odorless and wear-resistant. The Cleaner works on AAA batteries (NOT included) and thus very portable and worry-free about making sure its charged.
  • SATISFACTION GURANTEE: Here at MBMBasics we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase please don’t hesitate to contact us to resolve the issue.


To avoid build up of germs, professionals recommend cleaning your makeup brushes once a week. However, the issue is that the traditional way is time-consuming and messy. You might ask how can i keep my makeup brushes clean and be ready to reuse quickly?MBMBasics Makeup Brush Cleaner is the ultimate solution to clean and dry your makeup brushes.


1.Saves you time: Easily and thoroughly clean and dry your brushes in 30 seconds.


2.Neat and sleek design: Keeps your makeup desk orderly and neat.


3 Helps Remove Germs and Bacteria: With high-speed spinning, this machine can easily remove oils and leftover makeup, Removing bacteria helping you have cleaner skin. 




1. Find the correct size collar and insert the brush into the spinner.


2. Pour some water and antibacterial soap into the bowl.


3. Dip the brush in the liquid.


4. Switch on the spinner, spin the brush to clean for 10 second or as see needed.


5. Spin the brush to dry for about 20 second or as see needed. 



The machine is power by 2 X AAA battery (not included)

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