60 Seconds Salad Cutter Bowl, Easily Makes A Salad

  • 60 Second Salad Maker: Finish with only 60 seconds,It is easier and more convenient for you to use Our easy salad cutter bowl doesn't need a  cutting board which allows you to save time making healthy salads.
  • High Qulity:Each product is made using high quality ABS polypropylene,Safe and durable,it with stands impacts to provide years of fresh, healthy salads.
  • Safe & Clever: Our design makes you worry-free about cutting your fingers. Just cut all kind of fruits or vegetables directly in the cutter bowl. Free cutting board, no need to clean too many containers anymore.The salad chopper wave design provides a strong fit. The rotation wings enable you to rotate your salad bowl easily and safely.
  • Convenient and Multifunction :Not Only Do the Dimensions of This Salad Cutter Bowl Reduce Wasted Food, But the Durable,Lightweight,Compact Design,Makes for Convenient Storing in Various Areas of Your Kitchen.Salad cutter bowl is not only a bowl for you to cut vegetables and fruits when make salad, but also a draining basket for you to wash them.
  • Healthy Life :Matches with a variety of foods,Keeping Nutrition Balanced.What else can make a better gift for your loved ones than this gift of health.






Healthy, fresh salads made easy and fast! With Ommani 60 Second Salad Maker, whoever doesn't know how to use knife could be a chef! A must for you to save time to make family sized salad, it is an awesome gift if you want to buy this for someone you love like mom, sisters, and best friends.

1. Put the ingredients into the bowl and wash them, the ingredients better be no more than 3/4 of the bowl, thus the food won’t rotate along with the bowl while rotating.
2. Close the top bowl with the green base and make sure the top bowl fix well with the base and flip it over.
3. Cut the ingredients one way through the slots with long sharp knife, you can slightly press the top bowl by the other hand to avoid the top bowl moving while cutting.
4. Hold the base and lift the bowl slightly and rotate 90 degrees, cut through the slots again.
5. Slice the ingredients again in the slots to make them smaller, if you want chopped salad just repeat rotating and slicing.
6. Turn over the gadget and open the base, enjoy your delicious and healthy salad!

1 x Salad Cutter Bowl (include top bowl and cutting board)
1 x Instructions

1. A long sharp knife maybe is better due to the large size top bowl.
2. Place the "hard to cut" ingredients at the bottom of the bowl, and the lettuce on top, the ingredients may easier to slice that way (once it's flipped over for cutting). Good idea to cut the big vegetables/fruits to half before slicing through the slots.



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